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Bible, Colloquial Japanese -- Kougo-yaku (OT and NT) (1954/1955)

Those texts are based on the Colloquial Japanese Bible Published in 1954/1955 ( whose copyright is expired at 1 Jan 2006 ). Note that the texts currently available from the publisher are slightly different from those published in 1954/1955 , and their copyrights may be still active.
The most commonly used bible by the protestants in japan till the publishing of the New Interconffessional Translation (Shin-Kyoudou-yaku) in 1987.

Bible, Classical Japanese -- Bungo-yaku/Taisho-kaiyaku (NT) (1950)

The New Testament part of The Classical Japanese Bible (so called Bungo-yaku) was published in 1880(Meiji-yaku) and revised in 1917(Taisho-Kaiyaku). Our texts are based on the texts printed in 1950 which are almost same as those of 1917.

Bible, Classical Japanese -- Bungo-yaku/Meiji-yaku (OT) (1953)

The Old Testament part of The Classical Japanese Bible was published in 1887. Though some minor corrections are made, no major modifications/re-editions are made on the Old Testament part. Our texts are based on the texts printed in 1953.

Bible translated by E.Raguet -- Raguet-yaku (NT) (1910)

Emile Raguet(1854-1929) is a Belgian missionary. He came to japan at 1879. He translated a New Tastament based on Vulgate into classical japanese in 1910. His translation was treated as the semi-official catholic translation in japan.

SWORD modules

SWORD is a Bible Reader software developped by CrossWire SWORD Project.
Here are collections of SWORD modules for Japanese Bibles.

OSIS formatted files (for developpers)

The OSIS format is defined in The OSIS Website.

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